You get to choose the number of panels (up to four), the dialogues, story and more! This is a perfect opportunity to immortalize a funny anecdote of yours 🧡


You tell us what you want us to illustrate and we'll do so 🤗 We illustrate people, pets and fictional characters. Just provide us some reference and we'll take care of the rest 👍


Once you’ve decided which type of commission you’d like, the process is quite straightforward.


hourly rate

We charge a flat $11 usd per hour. For instance, if your commissions takes 2 hours we’ll charge you $22 usd. Usually, a comic takes 2 hours approximately ⌚


character creation

For every character created we charge $5 usd. This is a one-time payment. For instance, if we «create» you for a comic and later on you decide you want another comic of yourself, then we won’t charge you for character creation as your character has been already drawn.

This means you’ll save money on future orders! 💸



Due to legal regulations we’re required to charge a 10% tax on final sale. 👨‍⚖️ 

Sounds good?