About Us

Refam Comics is an ode to Relationships, love & fun!
We believe that all kind of relationships are awesome and we celebrate the fun and love that derive from them 💕 Besides that, Refam Comics is also our story: Mafer’s and mine. 

We are both from Mexico. Mafer is 23 and I am 25. We met during an English class where I was the teacher 🤪 Shocking, right? Well, I got another secret for you: Mafer’s real name is not Mafer! 😲 That is actually a nickname. Anyway, let’s continue. We met at an English school and started hanging out. Eventually, we started dating and now we’re about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary 🥴

Ever since I started dating her I realized how different the world is when you find someone truly special to you 🌻 being that a friend, a pet, a relative or a bf/gf. And that’s why I wanted to share that feeling with the world around me. Not only that, but I also wanted to capture all those nuances that are almost invisible yet make us so happy 🤗

And that’s basically it. I do the drawings and Mafer provides the ideas by just being herself 🥰 If you like Refam Comics, you can support us via our Patreon or by shopping something you like at our store.